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The Divisoria Mall Fire May 17, 2013

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I have taken for granted the convenience Divisoria Mall. It was my go to mall for some of our basic necessities. Our store is so close to the market that I have my “suki” there already that I can call up and have my goods delivered to the store or at home!  Be it meat, seafood, produce or even calling cards and tarpaulin!

I got a text at around 12:00 midnight from Text Fire Alert (it really works!) saying that there is a fire for verification at Divisoria Mall. I got up, changed clothes and went to Divi to check out the fire since it’s so close to our store. When we got there, fire trucks were all over the place. It was such a sad sight to behold…

2013-05-16 01.55.53

May 15, 2013 1st night of fire

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The sad thing is so many people lost their source of income, store owners and employees.   I really hope that the local government has a plan to help those people who lost their stalls and jobs. This worse thing about the fire is not just losing all your stocks, but losing the actual store where your regular buyers have come accustomed to visiting you whenever they need to buy something in your line of business. Of course there is always the option of starting over but some families just can’t afford to lose their source of income for a period of time. For me it’s one of the worse things that can happen to an entrepreneur.

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May 17, 2013. 2nd day of fire

Divisoria Mall was one of the 1st malls in Divisoria. It was built long before 168. Sadly, there are rumors that there is foul play involved since there is a change in the political settings in Manila and it was a Lim project and the contract was about to expire. Just like what happened to Tutuban (their contract was about to expire in a few months, and the stall owners already had plans not to renew their contracts and move to 999). Of course these are stories with basis, but no one can prove anything. Im almost sure findings will come out as “faulty electrical wiring” as always.

There has been a lot of fires in Divisoria there past months. This is the 3rd.  And I really hope and pray that this is the last…