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The Divisoria Mall Fire May 17, 2013

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I have taken for granted the convenience Divisoria Mall. It was my go to mall for some of our basic necessities. Our store is so close to the market that I have my “suki” there already that I can call up and have my goods delivered to the store or at home!  Be it meat, seafood, produce or even calling cards and tarpaulin!

I got a text at around 12:00 midnight from Text Fire Alert (it really works!) saying that there is a fire for verification at Divisoria Mall. I got up, changed clothes and went to Divi to check out the fire since it’s so close to our store. When we got there, fire trucks were all over the place. It was such a sad sight to behold…

2013-05-16 01.55.53

May 15, 2013 1st night of fire

2013-05-16 00.38.41 2013-05-16 01.55.42

The sad thing is so many people lost their source of income, store owners and employees.   I really hope that the local government has a plan to help those people who lost their stalls and jobs. This worse thing about the fire is not just losing all your stocks, but losing the actual store where your regular buyers have come accustomed to visiting you whenever they need to buy something in your line of business. Of course there is always the option of starting over but some families just can’t afford to lose their source of income for a period of time. For me it’s one of the worse things that can happen to an entrepreneur.

2013-05-17 09.20.38

May 17, 2013. 2nd day of fire

Divisoria Mall was one of the 1st malls in Divisoria. It was built long before 168. Sadly, there are rumors that there is foul play involved since there is a change in the political settings in Manila and it was a Lim project and the contract was about to expire. Just like what happened to Tutuban (their contract was about to expire in a few months, and the stall owners already had plans not to renew their contracts and move to 999). Of course these are stories with basis, but no one can prove anything. Im almost sure findings will come out as “faulty electrical wiring” as always.

There has been a lot of fires in Divisoria there past months. This is the 3rd.  And I really hope and pray that this is the last…


Rori Feeding Herself December 4, 2012

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Sigh… She is growing up so fast. I’m a little scared that in one blink of an eye she’s not a baby anymore.

Baby don’t grow up too fast okay, slow down a bit, Mama wants to savory every bit of your childhood.


My 1st Bazaar Experience November 30, 2012

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Last November 24&25, 2012, I participated as a vendor in my 1st bazaar as Pink Lemon. We sold girls’ dresses and children’s toys. And I had a blast!


I chose the Mommy Mundo event to launch my clothes because it has always been one of my favorite bazaars to attend every year. They always have the trending products for moms and kids. And I find the venue, Rockwell Tent, convenient, well lit and safe.


We aren’t professional bazaaristas as others were, they were equipped with stands, shelves, lights, tents and even white picket fences! We just brought ourselves, our stocks, some display mannequins and clothes racks.




And since it’s almost Christmas, I’m counting things I’m thankful for.

–         I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve made since I have become a mom. People who only used to be people I buy from who eventually became friends. People who I only used to read about or chat with online became real people who I not only know of, but people that I actually know and know my name!

–         I’m thankful for my supportive staff, they became extensions of my person. They have become essential for me to accomplish my goals.

–         And to top it all, I’m thankful for my family. The thing that touched me most through this whole experience is how supportive my husband is.

Before the bazaar started, I called my hubby and told him:

“If I don’t sell much don’t be mad, okay?”


And he responded,

“You do that coz you like it and it makes you happy, if you turn a profit then great! If you don’t then that’s okay too coz I know you had fun, go around shop for things you like, chat with friends, then after that come home, at least you had time to do what you like, and tried it, that’s what matters, you did what you want to do.”


Nothing can be better than that. What a great year, I have much to be thankful for.


Fun Family Picnic Photo Shoot August 28, 2012

Since I have been MIA for quite a while, what better way to revive this blog by posting about our latest super fun family photo shoot!



This shoot was the brainchild of Ricky Marzan. He was the one who came up with the outdoor picnic shoot. Manuel Chua came up with the peg for the setup and the props. I came with a car load of props haha! We were aiming for a vintage – shabby chic kind of look. And I think we achieved that! Yay!


Throughout the planning stage we couldn’t decide whether to do it in the early morning or in the late afternoon. Early morning would mean sleepy kids and rushing to prepare the props to get things ready for a shoot that shouldn’t run too long to avoid the heat of the noontime sun. Since it was also raining sporadically during the week, they had to check the weather forecast for that day. Since it said it was less likely to rain in the afternoon, we scheduled the shoot in the afternoon.



Some of the stuff I had to get from the mall coz a few weeks back I spotted the coolest trunks. But the rest of the stuff we had     been either brought by us or our friends from our homes. The vintage lamps are actually the lamps in my daughter’s room. The fabrics that we used were of course from out store ERC Textile Boutique (shameless plug!) The paper lanterns were the ones we used during my daughter’s 1st birthday. (Will blog about that soon!) The native stuff like baskets was from Divisoria. I am, after all Divisoia Mama! We really have everything at arm’s reach here! The popcorn maker, vintage bike and super cute parasol were brought by the Chua’s. The Marzan’s brought the colorful food.



We are a group of friends; the photographers are the real rock stars. Our photographer friends, Manuel Chua, Ricky Marzan and Denison Tan are the guys who did Rori’s 1st photo shoot. And like a cool concert, we also had guest artists — photogpraphers Marc Frederick Ching and Carlson Ngo.

I am a shopper. What better way to fuel my shopping urges than to shop for a conceptualized shoot? My friends, Cora Chua and Cymbelly Marzan are the most supportive and fun friends to hang out with, laugh out loud with while preparing for the shoot. And of course the star of the shoot! The kids! We all pitched in haha! We have the most wonderful kids! No one cried or misbehaved. They just kept on smiling and eating! My daughter Rori is really NOT camera shy. So whenever Denison would shout in his megaphone-like voice for “RROORRRIII!!!” she would strike a pose and smile her heart out or — as shown in the picture below – show her toothy grin.


Limchu Family


Marzan Family


Chua Family


This is what what they looked like when they weren’t eating yet. SAD!


They were more lively when we told them they can start eating!


…. and eating!


… and more eating!


See Rori sticking her tongue out?


This was Rori munching on popcorn knowing mom can’t stop her coz’ her picture was being taken!


These are what good memories are made of. Good friends having a good time, with good food and having keepsakes of the times we had so much fun.

We are planning to make more shoots in the future, so watch out for more!

*want a photo shoot for your family? please text us via 09173250315. we’d love to capture your smiles soon!


Divisoria Mama Revived! April 29, 2012

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When I was pregnant, I read a blog of a new mom who “neglected” her blog coz she had a baby. Since i just started blogging and I was doing it quite often then, I was thinking — “how can she start the commitment and not follow thru?” (sorry I was quite naive then — now I have my foot stuck in my mouth!) 

Fastforward a couple of months, lo and behold I held my 1st baby in my arms and ALAS! I did the same thing that blogger did! I didnt blog for a CENTURY in blog time! hahaha… Sorry dear blogger, now I know…

Anyways, here is my angel…


She’s bigger now this is an old photo.

She’s my world… my life… my love… she’s everything to me…

And I’m back with a vengeance! Hopefully I can do this consistently again and feed my need to share my thoughts… Take care my friends!


Life is Good September 12, 2011

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Yesterday was a wonderful day for me.

First, I got to take a bath! Yay! This marks the end of my ge lai. After a month long abstinence, I got to bathe again. I think I shampooed 3 times, and soaped twice. It was not easy but since I got to stay indoors and turn on the aircon whenever I wanted, it wasn’t so bad. It’s more of the thought of “you can’t take a bath for a whole month” that freaked me out. Good thing i have a friend, Jackie, who helped me out! She shared her notes and was my ge lai guru. Thanks Jac!

Then, I got to pass by the Warehouse Sale Part 2 at the Renaissance 3000 that Jonie of Mamaway invited me to. Got to see our friends Rix and Cym too! Got to buy some stuff for Rori and me at a discounted price. More yay!

I finally am getting the knack for pumping. Well, I hate pumping coz it takes up so much time, and you have to keep still and relax while doing it or else you either end up with less milk or worse spilt milk!

Then I got to think of the things I am grateful for…

My piece of heaven Laureli Estrelle

I’m thankful for my baby. After all the hurdles of pregnancy and birthing, I have her. She makes everything worth it.

I have a wonderful and supportive husband who cares for me and Rori. Every night before we go to bed, he would fix the things I would need in the middle of the night beside me, and tell me “if you need anything at all, just wake me up.” He’s a light sleeper and he really would wake up, even just to get me a glass of water. Sometimes I would try to just do things myself but he wouldn’t let me. I think that’s the sweetest thing. He is always there for me, to care for me specially when I was as big as a whale, support me in my endeavors, listen to my whining, reassure me when I doubt myself, provide for me, listen and understand me and just love me.

I have a wonderful family. I have brothers that mean the world to me. I have older brothers to look up to. (And gave me tons of baby stuff!  Even more Yay!) And I have a younger brother to love. I have  sisters in law that are kind. My Diso is a godsend. She’s really there for me whenever I need advice and answer my questions about pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and motherhood and sometimes just to appease my OCness.

I have pets that love me unconditionally… they still jump up and down when they see me!

And I have friends who are true and love me like family. They even cooked food for me when I was in the hospital! (Thanks Winnie and Melvin!) Most just really made me feel that they cared a whole lot. Thanks everyone!

Life is good.


The Challenges of Motherhood August 10, 2011

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I’m going to be out of circulation for a while… I would have to face the challenge of my life – Being a mom! I’ve been through a lot, and it’s been a long stretch, and I’m on the final leg. Wish me luck! take care guys…