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My 1st Bazaar Experience November 30, 2012

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Last November 24&25, 2012, I participated as a vendor in my 1st bazaar as Pink Lemon. We sold girls’ dresses and children’s toys. And I had a blast!


I chose the Mommy Mundo event to launch my clothes because it has always been one of my favorite bazaars to attend every year. They always have the trending products for moms and kids. And I find the venue, Rockwell Tent, convenient, well lit and safe.


We aren’t professional bazaaristas as others were, they were equipped with stands, shelves, lights, tents and even white picket fences! We just brought ourselves, our stocks, some display mannequins and clothes racks.




And since it’s almost Christmas, I’m counting things I’m thankful for.

–         I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve made since I have become a mom. People who only used to be people I buy from who eventually became friends. People who I only used to read about or chat with online became real people who I not only know of, but people that I actually know and know my name!

–         I’m thankful for my supportive staff, they became extensions of my person. They have become essential for me to accomplish my goals.

–         And to top it all, I’m thankful for my family. The thing that touched me most through this whole experience is how supportive my husband is.

Before the bazaar started, I called my hubby and told him:

“If I don’t sell much don’t be mad, okay?”


And he responded,

“You do that coz you like it and it makes you happy, if you turn a profit then great! If you don’t then that’s okay too coz I know you had fun, go around shop for things you like, chat with friends, then after that come home, at least you had time to do what you like, and tried it, that’s what matters, you did what you want to do.”


Nothing can be better than that. What a great year, I have much to be thankful for.


5 Responses to “My 1st Bazaar Experience”

  1. beth!!! laurence is soooooo sweet! we are so blessed. stan (most of the time) answers that way too hahahahhaa!

  2. Jenny Says:

    thanks for tagging Beth! nakakatuwa talaga bazaars.. kase hindi lang shopping time! chika time din. 😉

  3. Maricel Says:

    awww, thanks Beth! it’s always like a reunion during mommy mundo bazaars! : ) so glad we became friends too : )

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