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Life is Good September 12, 2011

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Yesterday was a wonderful day for me.

First, I got to take a bath! Yay! This marks the end of my ge lai. After a month long abstinence, I got to bathe again. I think I shampooed 3 times, and soaped twice. It was not easy but since I got to stay indoors and turn on the aircon whenever I wanted, it wasn’t so bad. It’s more of the thought of “you can’t take a bath for a whole month” that freaked me out. Good thing i have a friend, Jackie, who helped me out! She shared her notes and was my ge lai guru. Thanks Jac!

Then, I got to pass by the Warehouse Sale Part 2 at the Renaissance 3000 that Jonie of Mamaway invited me to. Got to see our friends Rix and Cym too! Got to buy some stuff for Rori and me at a discounted price. More yay!

I finally am getting the knack for pumping. Well, I hate pumping coz it takes up so much time, and you have to keep still and relax while doing it or else you either end up with less milk or worse spilt milk!

Then I got to think of the things I am grateful for…

My piece of heaven Laureli Estrelle

I’m thankful for my baby. After all the hurdles of pregnancy and birthing, I have her. She makes everything worth it.

I have a wonderful and supportive husband who cares for me and Rori. Every night before we go to bed, he would fix the things I would need in the middle of the night beside me, and tell me “if you need anything at all, just wake me up.” He’s a light sleeper and he really would wake up, even just to get me a glass of water. Sometimes I would try to just do things myself but he wouldn’t let me. I think that’s the sweetest thing. He is always there for me, to care for me specially when I was as big as a whale, support me in my endeavors, listen to my whining, reassure me when I doubt myself, provide for me, listen and understand me and just love me.

I have a wonderful family. I have brothers that mean the world to me. I have older brothers to look up to. (And gave me tons of baby stuff!  Even more Yay!) And I have a younger brother to love. I have  sisters in law that are kind. My Diso is a godsend. She’s really there for me whenever I need advice and answer my questions about pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and motherhood and sometimes just to appease my OCness.

I have pets that love me unconditionally… they still jump up and down when they see me!

And I have friends who are true and love me like family. They even cooked food for me when I was in the hospital! (Thanks Winnie and Melvin!) Most just really made me feel that they cared a whole lot. Thanks everyone!

Life is good.


One Response to “Life is Good”

  1. ceemee Says:

    You are blessed!
    Yey! To be abe to bathe after ge lai is such a relief.

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