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VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 3) August 5, 2011

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Our yaya is now certified by Ms. Menchit of My Nanny Dearest Training

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If you have read my previous posts about the VERY effective Nanny Taining, then you might be interested how our nanny did. Luckily, our yaya graduated with flying colors, so now we are ready for our bundle of joy when she arrives…

I learned that not all yayas are given certificates,  some, who weren’t able to perform to the standards of Ms. Menchit are made to keep on practicing the techniques until they are fit to be given the certificate. This speaks of the high quality of education that we employers can expect from the  My Dearest Nanny Training.

Also, upon graduating, our nannies are handed letters to be given to us, their employers stating that your nanny has successfully finished the course. Reminders of how to maintain a good relationship with your nanny, and should there be any problems or conflict in the future, they will be willing to act as middle men/ women to fix the relationship between you and your nanny. Isn’t that cool?

Truly, I feel that making our nanny attend this training is one of the best decisions I made for our baby. Our nanny feels more confident, she even tells me that if I would allow it, she would like to give some more instructions to the other maids  about cleaning the house because her teacher said that the baby’s environment should be maintained clean all the time. Now for me that’s an attitude change that can only be inspired by an exceptional mentor.

Thanks Ms. Menchit!

Would you like to have your nanny trained? Just contact—

My Dearest Nanny
Ms. Menchit Ordoveza
54 Lapu-lapu Ave., Magallanes Village, Makati, Metro Manila
Tel: 852-5778
Email: dearestnanny@yahoo.com
Mobile: 09178071064

Please make a comment if this helped you! I’d love to hear your experience…


3 Responses to “VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 3)”

  1. sebie Says:

    glad to hear you are all ready set go! 🙂

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