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Hair matters. MOMS’ opinions wanted! July 27, 2011

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So this is how I look like now. I have really long hair. And I sort of have a long time love affair with it. I only have it cut once in a while, a few snips here and there, just a few inches or so… I get treatments when I need it, don’t really have my hair cut by hairstylists that I don’t know… The boldest decisions I make are in terms of hair color. I’m not afraid to color my hair, be it shades of red, orange, yellow or whatever I feel like. But since I’m obviously pregnant, I haven’t done that in a while.

And so my dilemma is this. I’m Filipino -Chinese, and after giving birth we go through this complicated ritual of following do’s and don’ts of  afterbirth which includes the dreaded “not taking a bath for a month” called Po Ge Lai —– I know, just thinking about it makes you wanna scratch your scalp…  and just imagining the heat of the Philippine weather especially after going thru so much during the birthing makes me rethink if I should actually go through it.

But, when my mom was still with us, she would always tell me that this is important for me to do. So, I have decided, that I would do everything I can to follow her wishes even when she is not around to help me anymore. (thinking about her makes me so sad but that’s for another post someday when I’m strong enough…)

So going back to my original issue, I haven’t cut my hair. I’m 39 weeks pregnant now! Just waiting for THE day and still with long hair! The reason, I dread having drastic changes to my hair coz when I was in elementary, I had my hair cut and it turned out to be a DISASTER! And worse, the more I tried to have it fixed, the worse it got. To the point that I ended up with really, really short hair. A boy’s cut. After that incident, I became very, very careful with my hair. I’d rather grow it too long than have someone who I don’t know try to cut and experiment with my hair. So I don’t know how short should I have it cut.

For the moms out there, how short did you have your hair cut before you gave birth? Did you regret it? Or were you thankful for the convenience? I know it’s  just hair, and I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but come on bear with me here… told you I have a long time love affair with my hair didn’t I? Please post comments ok? I’ll be waiting!



6 Responses to “Hair matters. MOMS’ opinions wanted!”

  1. ceemee Says:

    I cannot imagine you with very short hair. I regretted my very short hair when I gave birth to Elle. I prefer it longer so I could tie it up when it’s hot. And since there’d be dry shampoo, I didn’t cut my hair when I gave birth to Caleb.

  2. terry Says:

    i had long hair like yours and my stylist chopped 6 inches off so that it won’t get into the way of my breastfeeding but still long enough to tie into a ponytail. It was a good choice for me since, there’s less hair to dry shampoo. .

  3. sebie Says:

    hi beth, i was planning to cut my hair but since i gave birth before my due, i wasn’t able to. but boy am i glad i wasn’t able to cut it hehe! for me, it’s better to tie all the greasy and icky strands away from my face. may i add that you are at least a little bit luckier because the weather nowadays is cool. 🙂 i gave birth during april and it was so hot it was really torture! do your ginger sponge bath, it helps to make you feel refreshed.

    • erclimchu Says:

      I cant imagine going thru the summer while going thru gelai… you’re a supermom! haha just thinking about it makes me wanna scratch my scalp… i’m afraid im might regret cutting my hair, then go thru post partum! imagine double misery haha… anyways, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back… but so far im sticking with my long hair, since im most comfortable with it that way, just tie it up when it gets hot… if only the baby would come na!

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