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VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 2) July 25, 2011

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I recently stumbled upon this very impressive yaya training, I was so impressed, I blogged about it. Please do catch up by reading the first part of the post.

So our yaya MJ has already attended the first 2 classes of the Dearest Nanny Training classes and here are the updates:

  • She was complimented for submitting her homework, (well technically, I was, -Yey! For Mrs. Limhcu!- coz it was the assignment of the employer to answer the questionnaires with the yaya), coz I think the other employers or the other yayas didn’t answer the forms coz they were busy…
  • They have learned the basics of taking care of a newborn baby, like changing, feeding, burping, bottle sterilization through actual demonstration. Each yaya was provided with their own dolls, hands on training, with their own props. Each was given time to do the demos with the supervision of Mrs. Menchit.
  • They are being asked to read and review the baby milestones. I like this, coz as the Mommy Treats’ Ms. Paola and Medela Moms’ Ms. Maricel has coined in, moms after giving birth develop “momnesia” where the mom totally just forgets everything she has learned coz of the stress of taking care of the new baby. At least the yaya will be there with you every step of the way, helping you and reminding you of what the baby is ready for in the upcoming weeks or months.
  • Tomorrow is Tuesday, so the upcoming assignment to be submitted is a “one week sample menu” of what to feed baby when she is 7-9 months. So we had to consider the food that we wanted to give our baby, will we buy prepared food? Bottled ones? Cereal? Or would we be willing to prepare the food ourselves?  These are the questions that I realized I haven’t asked myself coz I was so into the preparation and excitement of the arrival of our precious bundle of joy. My yaya and I decided that we would like to try making natural homemade baby food.

Somehow, making our Yaya prepare for our baby has made me realize that our baby is not just a special project, with a specific deadline then everything back to normal afterwards. I guess I was so focused on the pregnancy that I had tunnel vision and just foresaw the immediate future – the birth of the baby. This experience somehow woke me up that there is still a long journey after the birth, there will be a lifetime of experiences that I will be able to plan for… I know it’s funny, but somehow I didn’t see past that, I was so intent on getting the birth and breastfeeding part right that I realized—- then what? Now I know. Now I have direction towards where I want to be at the next time I realize that my baby will be with me for keeps, that this particular project will be permanent, and I should be in it for the long haul. My baby will be with us always and forever for me to love and nurture, through all the joys and challenges of motherhood.

For more details regarding the training mentioned here, you may get in touch with Mrs. Menchit Ordoveza at (0917)8071064.

Thanks for reading and please come visit my blog again for more updates on this topic and more interesting stuff.

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