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VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 1) July 22, 2011

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I found out about the most effective nanny training class I have encountered in my research so far— The Dearest Nanny through the Mommy Mundo’s Website, particularly in the Mommy Pages. Mommy Mundo, as most moms know, is the go-to portal of resources for moms in the Philippines. They are the organizers of the very well attended events like—  Expo Mom, Expo Kid, Mommy Milkshake Marathon, Moms on the Floor and a lot more…

While doing my mommy research, i stumbled upon this nanny training class. I inquired about the training very early in my pregnancy. Without a particular nanny in mind to actually send into training coz I was looking for a class that would train ME, with a nanny. I was thinking , if I was trained and knew what I was doing, then I can train my nanny someday. However, the trainer of the class told me that it’s better that the nanny get the training first and for the parent to attend a separate class.

Good thing my long time housemaid MJ and I had a conversation about the upcoming situation in our house. I was thinking of hiring a new yaya, and having her supervise, so at least I know the yaya is really doing her job the way I want her to, even when I’m not watching. But I have always been weary of hiring yayas/maids that are unrecommended or from the agency. Hiring a yaya or maid via agency is like joining the lottery. You only get lucky a very few times. Name it, we’ve been through it. Maids who steal, run away, have weird attitudes, haughty, demanding, whiners,  lazy, deaf, mute, simply bad attitudes and once even mentally unstable!

These experiences we went through while I was growing up, and usually it was my mom who had to deal with it. But since I have to make this decision now, I have been dragging my feet. Good thing I have MJ, and she volunteered to BE the yaya instead of supervising the yaya. I wanted her to know what she’s getting herself into. She’s a mom of one, so at least she has an idea of what motherhood entails and how to handle newborns, I asked her in Tagalog: “Are you sure? It’s gonna take a lot of work, and we might not get much sleep in the beggining… ” and she told me in a very sure voice “I’m very sure, I can handle it. I don’t  need much sleep, I will give it everything I can” Just like that, I had myself a yaya who I don’t have to keep on worrying about.

MJ, (like me) is a little OC, very, very efficient and a very fast learner. She didn’t know how to cook when she came, but now can cook almost everything I can cook, and follow new recipes on her own. She can take care of all the household chores consistently, and anticipate any other needs. In short she’s a Godsend!

Just in time, the class I was anticipating to have her join gave a final schedule for the upcoming classes this July. I even went with her to her first class like a mom with her kid on the first day of school. And I have been IMPRESSED (really, the bold letters are a must for emphasis) ever since.

First, the location of the class is not in a commercial area as I have perceived, instead it is in a very posh residential area.

#54 Lapu-lapu Ave. Magallanes Village, Makati, Manila

Second, the trainer, Ms Menchit Ordoveza is not a Nanny herself, but the owner of the impressive abode, who has been training nannies for some 11 or so years. She has trained nannies for newborns and toddlers who have very particular parents like doctors and professionals.

Trainer – Mrs.Menchit Ordoveza

Third, on the first day, my yaya came home with a handout, with matching manual, and assignment. Meaning, this really is a serous interactive class, where you are expected to perform hands on demonstrations and answer questions.

Fourth, oh and did I mention that there are only 3 nannies in my yaya’s class? This means, the group is very focused on the training of each nanny. They had video watching, demos, and the lecture is delivered in Taglish to ensure that the nannies will surely understand every topic. Each nanny is given time to demo activities, ask questions and answer questions.

Employers are also given questionnaires to be answered at home with yaya to ensure that the employer and yaya are on the same page on the technique of raising the baby. Questions include — What time can nanny rest? When can nanny expect a raise? Is yaya expected to do any other chores other than taking care of baby?  Is it ok for baby to eat candy?  How about using computer? What tv shows can baby watch? If baby is crying is yaya expected to carry the baby or would mommy rather the baby learn to self sooth? And lots more… all organized in a very orderly fashion, all written to make you think of what you really want to allow and not allow your yaya and baby to do when you are not around.

As of today, my yaya is still attending the class, every Tuesday and Thursday, 1-4 pm. She’s in the second of five sessions. So far, everything she has been reporting to me have all exceeded my expectations. I just hope that the whole experience would truly make the best nanny out of our MJ. And of course I hope that she would always be as loyal to us as she has always been so far!

I will post follow ups on this topic soon. Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask me anytime! I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!


7 Responses to “VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 1)”

  1. hannahsy Says:

    I want to send my yaya, how? Can you e-mail me? 🙂 badabadaboo@yahoo.com

    • erclimchu Says:

      Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. You can get in touch with Ms. Menchit @ 09178071064. Just tell her you read about it in this blog. Thanks! Hope your yaya gets the training that you want! Keep me updated! Thanks

  2. Jenny Says:

    hi beth! stumbled on your blog. thanks for sharing this yaya training class!! looks good. looking forward to reading the rest of your review 😉

  3. ceemee Says:

    You are so blessed to have MJ!

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