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My Day at the Medela House July 17, 2011

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Last Saturday, July 16,  I spent my whole day today at the Medela House. I attended the breastfeeding class 303 in the morning and the Yaya Training Module 1 during the afternoon with my nanny.

For those who are not familiar, Medela is a very popular brand of breast pumps and postnatal accessories. And part of their marketing includes providing a “house” that acts like a headquarters for moms who are interested in all things about motherhood, breastfeeding, baby care, latest updates and gadgets that you can use for your baby. If your planning to have a baby, just had a baby or will be having a baby soon there are several reasons why you’d love this place.

Medela Pumps

Medela breast pump showcase

  • Medela House is a breastfeeding center, showroom, and office of all Medela products. From breast pumps, accessories, bottles, teats and everything under the sun that can help you gear up for breastfeeding that is made by Medela.
  • It’s also the place where you can TRY the actual products
  • Just make an appointment ahead of time and you can get recommendations from the Medela expert Ms. Maricel (she seriously knows her products, can analyze your type at a glance and recommend what you need in just a few seconds) about what product is right for you and teach you how to use it. Rather than buying it from a store where you know the saleslady has no idea of what she is selling, and has no idea of how to actually use the product she is selling.
  • They also provide repairs and parts for Medela products.
  • By schedule, several classes are held in the Medela house. Some of these classes include — breastfeeding classes, yaya trainings, baby wearing meets and baby showers. (It’s so cool to be pregnant now! I LOVE THE CLASSES)

baby wearing meet I attended

  • Aside from Medela products, they also have several products on display that are consigned there by several sellers that provide unique baby products usually found via Multiply sites or baby/mommy bazaars.very fashionable diaper bags, nursing covers, nursing clothes, etc.

Now is definitely the coolest time to be pregnant. Innovative products are all around, classes are available for your education, support groups, pregnant moms, even supportive husbands are all involved in the whole birthing experience. I had a blast being pregnant, I love the challenge, the mystery, definitely the SHOPPING, the decorating and the excitement, I love the support I got from my loved ones, especially my husband… Being pregnant is such a wonderful experience (I’m a little sad that the preparation is almost done, but I’m gonna have a new challenge in my hands soon enough!)

For more info about the Medela House, just click the link below



if you have any questions just drop me a line and I’d do my best to answer your querry…



2 Responses to “My Day at the Medela House”

  1. ceemee Says:

    Nice to know that pregnancy was an enjoyable journey for you.

    • erclimchu Says:

      it’s harder to walk now, like torture! haha but im trying to be a good mom and still walk coz that what my doc recommended and what my hubby cheers me on for. but the experience as a whole was wonderful. being pregnant at the same time as u are made it even better, like we belong to the same secret society but the secret it out!

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