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Ok so here it goes… My first post! July 11, 2011

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Today, I saw my OB-Gyn, and she told me that starting tomorrow, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I might give birth anytime. What a day! After 8+ long months in anticipation and preparation, I’m just about there… However, no matter how much preparation I did, no matter how much research I did, no matter how many moms I spoke to, I still don’t feel ready enough. I registered myself to every class I could. And they were great classes, some taught me more lessons than others, but every class was so worth it. Here is a list of the classes I took…

Prepared Childbirth Class – with Chiqui Brosas

Breastfeeding Classes @ Medela House

Sustaining Breastfeeding – La Leche League International @ Mothercare, Greenbelt 5

LATCH Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding Class @ Medical City

Yaya Training @ Medela House

and I’m planning to go to every upcoming class until I give birth. I know these are just classes, and they can’t “make” me the parent I wish to be, but they make me feel more prepared. They make me feel more secure that I’m better equipped at having a crack at this parenthood thing. What can I say, it’s my first time! It scares me…

Hopefully someday I could become the mom I wish to be…


6 Responses to “Ok so here it goes… My first post!”

  1. hyd icasas Says:

    hi beth!!! glad that ur blogging na… and i know u’ll be a mom that u want to be 🙂

    • erclimchu Says:

      This is so confusing haha! But I’m glad I have friends who are actually reading the post! Hope you keep reading… How are u? Keep in touch. I miss you.

  2. ceemee Says:

    You’ll make a lovely mom since you’re doing everything you can so your baby can be born into a safe and happy world.

  3. Tiffny Wong Says:

    i just read your blog beth…very nice! and i know you will be a great mom coz you are already getting yourself well prepared before the baby’s arrival…

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