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Hair matters. MOMS’ opinions wanted! July 27, 2011

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So this is how I look like now. I have really long hair. And I sort of have a long time love affair with it. I only have it cut once in a while, a few snips here and there, just a few inches or so… I get treatments when I need it, don’t really have my hair cut by hairstylists that I don’t know… The boldest decisions I make are in terms of hair color. I’m not afraid to color my hair, be it shades of red, orange, yellow or whatever I feel like. But since I’m obviously pregnant, I haven’t done that in a while.

And so my dilemma is this. I’m Filipino -Chinese, and after giving birth we go through this complicated ritual of following do’s and don’ts of  afterbirth which includes the dreaded “not taking a bath for a month” called Po Ge Lai —– I know, just thinking about it makes you wanna scratch your scalp…  and just imagining the heat of the Philippine weather especially after going thru so much during the birthing makes me rethink if I should actually go through it.

But, when my mom was still with us, she would always tell me that this is important for me to do. So, I have decided, that I would do everything I can to follow her wishes even when she is not around to help me anymore. (thinking about her makes me so sad but that’s for another post someday when I’m strong enough…)

So going back to my original issue, I haven’t cut my hair. I’m 39 weeks pregnant now! Just waiting for THE day and still with long hair! The reason, I dread having drastic changes to my hair coz when I was in elementary, I had my hair cut and it turned out to be a DISASTER! And worse, the more I tried to have it fixed, the worse it got. To the point that I ended up with really, really short hair. A boy’s cut. After that incident, I became very, very careful with my hair. I’d rather grow it too long than have someone who I don’t know try to cut and experiment with my hair. So I don’t know how short should I have it cut.

For the moms out there, how short did you have your hair cut before you gave birth? Did you regret it? Or were you thankful for the convenience? I know it’s  just hair, and I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but come on bear with me here… told you I have a long time love affair with my hair didn’t I? Please post comments ok? I’ll be waiting!



VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 2) July 25, 2011

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I recently stumbled upon this very impressive yaya training, I was so impressed, I blogged about it. Please do catch up by reading the first part of the post.

So our yaya MJ has already attended the first 2 classes of the Dearest Nanny Training classes and here are the updates:

  • She was complimented for submitting her homework, (well technically, I was, -Yey! For Mrs. Limhcu!- coz it was the assignment of the employer to answer the questionnaires with the yaya), coz I think the other employers or the other yayas didn’t answer the forms coz they were busy…
  • They have learned the basics of taking care of a newborn baby, like changing, feeding, burping, bottle sterilization through actual demonstration. Each yaya was provided with their own dolls, hands on training, with their own props. Each was given time to do the demos with the supervision of Mrs. Menchit.
  • They are being asked to read and review the baby milestones. I like this, coz as the Mommy Treats’ Ms. Paola and Medela Moms’ Ms. Maricel has coined in, moms after giving birth develop “momnesia” where the mom totally just forgets everything she has learned coz of the stress of taking care of the new baby. At least the yaya will be there with you every step of the way, helping you and reminding you of what the baby is ready for in the upcoming weeks or months.
  • Tomorrow is Tuesday, so the upcoming assignment to be submitted is a “one week sample menu” of what to feed baby when she is 7-9 months. So we had to consider the food that we wanted to give our baby, will we buy prepared food? Bottled ones? Cereal? Or would we be willing to prepare the food ourselves?  These are the questions that I realized I haven’t asked myself coz I was so into the preparation and excitement of the arrival of our precious bundle of joy. My yaya and I decided that we would like to try making natural homemade baby food.

Somehow, making our Yaya prepare for our baby has made me realize that our baby is not just a special project, with a specific deadline then everything back to normal afterwards. I guess I was so focused on the pregnancy that I had tunnel vision and just foresaw the immediate future – the birth of the baby. This experience somehow woke me up that there is still a long journey after the birth, there will be a lifetime of experiences that I will be able to plan for… I know it’s funny, but somehow I didn’t see past that, I was so intent on getting the birth and breastfeeding part right that I realized—- then what? Now I know. Now I have direction towards where I want to be at the next time I realize that my baby will be with me for keeps, that this particular project will be permanent, and I should be in it for the long haul. My baby will be with us always and forever for me to love and nurture, through all the joys and challenges of motherhood.

For more details regarding the training mentioned here, you may get in touch with Mrs. Menchit Ordoveza at (0917)8071064.

Thanks for reading and please come visit my blog again for more updates on this topic and more interesting stuff.

To read the last part of this post, please click here.


VERY Effective Nanny Training Classes (Part 1) July 22, 2011

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I found out about the most effective nanny training class I have encountered in my research so far— The Dearest Nanny through the Mommy Mundo’s Website, particularly in the Mommy Pages. Mommy Mundo, as most moms know, is the go-to portal of resources for moms in the Philippines. They are the organizers of the very well attended events like—  Expo Mom, Expo Kid, Mommy Milkshake Marathon, Moms on the Floor and a lot more…

While doing my mommy research, i stumbled upon this nanny training class. I inquired about the training very early in my pregnancy. Without a particular nanny in mind to actually send into training coz I was looking for a class that would train ME, with a nanny. I was thinking , if I was trained and knew what I was doing, then I can train my nanny someday. However, the trainer of the class told me that it’s better that the nanny get the training first and for the parent to attend a separate class.

Good thing my long time housemaid MJ and I had a conversation about the upcoming situation in our house. I was thinking of hiring a new yaya, and having her supervise, so at least I know the yaya is really doing her job the way I want her to, even when I’m not watching. But I have always been weary of hiring yayas/maids that are unrecommended or from the agency. Hiring a yaya or maid via agency is like joining the lottery. You only get lucky a very few times. Name it, we’ve been through it. Maids who steal, run away, have weird attitudes, haughty, demanding, whiners,  lazy, deaf, mute, simply bad attitudes and once even mentally unstable!

These experiences we went through while I was growing up, and usually it was my mom who had to deal with it. But since I have to make this decision now, I have been dragging my feet. Good thing I have MJ, and she volunteered to BE the yaya instead of supervising the yaya. I wanted her to know what she’s getting herself into. She’s a mom of one, so at least she has an idea of what motherhood entails and how to handle newborns, I asked her in Tagalog: “Are you sure? It’s gonna take a lot of work, and we might not get much sleep in the beggining… ” and she told me in a very sure voice “I’m very sure, I can handle it. I don’t  need much sleep, I will give it everything I can” Just like that, I had myself a yaya who I don’t have to keep on worrying about.

MJ, (like me) is a little OC, very, very efficient and a very fast learner. She didn’t know how to cook when she came, but now can cook almost everything I can cook, and follow new recipes on her own. She can take care of all the household chores consistently, and anticipate any other needs. In short she’s a Godsend!

Just in time, the class I was anticipating to have her join gave a final schedule for the upcoming classes this July. I even went with her to her first class like a mom with her kid on the first day of school. And I have been IMPRESSED (really, the bold letters are a must for emphasis) ever since.

First, the location of the class is not in a commercial area as I have perceived, instead it is in a very posh residential area.

#54 Lapu-lapu Ave. Magallanes Village, Makati, Manila

Second, the trainer, Ms Menchit Ordoveza is not a Nanny herself, but the owner of the impressive abode, who has been training nannies for some 11 or so years. She has trained nannies for newborns and toddlers who have very particular parents like doctors and professionals.

Trainer – Mrs.Menchit Ordoveza

Third, on the first day, my yaya came home with a handout, with matching manual, and assignment. Meaning, this really is a serous interactive class, where you are expected to perform hands on demonstrations and answer questions.

Fourth, oh and did I mention that there are only 3 nannies in my yaya’s class? This means, the group is very focused on the training of each nanny. They had video watching, demos, and the lecture is delivered in Taglish to ensure that the nannies will surely understand every topic. Each nanny is given time to demo activities, ask questions and answer questions.

Employers are also given questionnaires to be answered at home with yaya to ensure that the employer and yaya are on the same page on the technique of raising the baby. Questions include — What time can nanny rest? When can nanny expect a raise? Is yaya expected to do any other chores other than taking care of baby?  Is it ok for baby to eat candy?  How about using computer? What tv shows can baby watch? If baby is crying is yaya expected to carry the baby or would mommy rather the baby learn to self sooth? And lots more… all organized in a very orderly fashion, all written to make you think of what you really want to allow and not allow your yaya and baby to do when you are not around.

As of today, my yaya is still attending the class, every Tuesday and Thursday, 1-4 pm. She’s in the second of five sessions. So far, everything she has been reporting to me have all exceeded my expectations. I just hope that the whole experience would truly make the best nanny out of our MJ. And of course I hope that she would always be as loyal to us as she has always been so far!

I will post follow ups on this topic soon. Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask me anytime! I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!


My Day at the Medela House July 17, 2011

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Last Saturday, July 16,  I spent my whole day today at the Medela House. I attended the breastfeeding class 303 in the morning and the Yaya Training Module 1 during the afternoon with my nanny.

For those who are not familiar, Medela is a very popular brand of breast pumps and postnatal accessories. And part of their marketing includes providing a “house” that acts like a headquarters for moms who are interested in all things about motherhood, breastfeeding, baby care, latest updates and gadgets that you can use for your baby. If your planning to have a baby, just had a baby or will be having a baby soon there are several reasons why you’d love this place.

Medela Pumps

Medela breast pump showcase

  • Medela House is a breastfeeding center, showroom, and office of all Medela products. From breast pumps, accessories, bottles, teats and everything under the sun that can help you gear up for breastfeeding that is made by Medela.
  • It’s also the place where you can TRY the actual products
  • Just make an appointment ahead of time and you can get recommendations from the Medela expert Ms. Maricel (she seriously knows her products, can analyze your type at a glance and recommend what you need in just a few seconds) about what product is right for you and teach you how to use it. Rather than buying it from a store where you know the saleslady has no idea of what she is selling, and has no idea of how to actually use the product she is selling.
  • They also provide repairs and parts for Medela products.
  • By schedule, several classes are held in the Medela house. Some of these classes include — breastfeeding classes, yaya trainings, baby wearing meets and baby showers. (It’s so cool to be pregnant now! I LOVE THE CLASSES)

baby wearing meet I attended

  • Aside from Medela products, they also have several products on display that are consigned there by several sellers that provide unique baby products usually found via Multiply sites or baby/mommy bazaars.very fashionable diaper bags, nursing covers, nursing clothes, etc.

Now is definitely the coolest time to be pregnant. Innovative products are all around, classes are available for your education, support groups, pregnant moms, even supportive husbands are all involved in the whole birthing experience. I had a blast being pregnant, I love the challenge, the mystery, definitely the SHOPPING, the decorating and the excitement, I love the support I got from my loved ones, especially my husband… Being pregnant is such a wonderful experience (I’m a little sad that the preparation is almost done, but I’m gonna have a new challenge in my hands soon enough!)

For more info about the Medela House, just click the link below



if you have any questions just drop me a line and I’d do my best to answer your querry…



Ok so here it goes… My first post! July 11, 2011

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Today, I saw my OB-Gyn, and she told me that starting tomorrow, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I might give birth anytime. What a day! After 8+ long months in anticipation and preparation, I’m just about there… However, no matter how much preparation I did, no matter how much research I did, no matter how many moms I spoke to, I still don’t feel ready enough. I registered myself to every class I could. And they were great classes, some taught me more lessons than others, but every class was so worth it. Here is a list of the classes I took…

Prepared Childbirth Class – with Chiqui Brosas

Breastfeeding Classes @ Medela House

Sustaining Breastfeeding – La Leche League International @ Mothercare, Greenbelt 5

LATCH Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding Class @ Medical City

Yaya Training @ Medela House

and I’m planning to go to every upcoming class until I give birth. I know these are just classes, and they can’t “make” me the parent I wish to be, but they make me feel more prepared. They make me feel more secure that I’m better equipped at having a crack at this parenthood thing. What can I say, it’s my first time! It scares me…

Hopefully someday I could become the mom I wish to be…