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The Divisoria Mall Fire May 17, 2013

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I have taken for granted the convenience Divisoria Mall. It was my go to mall for some of our basic necessities. Our store is so close to the market that I have my “suki” there already that I can call up and have my goods delivered to the store or at home!  Be it meat, seafood, produce or even calling cards and tarpaulin!

I got a text at around 12:00 midnight from Text Fire Alert (it really works!) saying that there is a fire for verification at Divisoria Mall. I got up, changed clothes and went to Divi to check out the fire since it’s so close to our store. When we got there, fire trucks were all over the place. It was such a sad sight to behold…

2013-05-16 01.55.53

May 15, 2013 1st night of fire

2013-05-16 00.38.41 2013-05-16 01.55.42

The sad thing is so many people lost their source of income, store owners and employees.   I really hope that the local government has a plan to help those people who lost their stalls and jobs. This worse thing about the fire is not just losing all your stocks, but losing the actual store where your regular buyers have come accustomed to visiting you whenever they need to buy something in your line of business. Of course there is always the option of starting over but some families just can’t afford to lose their source of income for a period of time. For me it’s one of the worse things that can happen to an entrepreneur.

2013-05-17 09.20.38

May 17, 2013. 2nd day of fire

Divisoria Mall was one of the 1st malls in Divisoria. It was built long before 168. Sadly, there are rumors that there is foul play involved since there is a change in the political settings in Manila and it was a Lim project and the contract was about to expire. Just like what happened to Tutuban (their contract was about to expire in a few months, and the stall owners already had plans not to renew their contracts and move to 999). Of course these are stories with basis, but no one can prove anything. Im almost sure findings will come out as “faulty electrical wiring” as always.

There has been a lot of fires in Divisoria there past months. This is the 3rd.  And I really hope and pray that this is the last…


Rori Feeding Herself December 4, 2012

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Sigh… She is growing up so fast. I’m a little scared that in one blink of an eye she’s not a baby anymore.

Baby don’t grow up too fast okay, slow down a bit, Mama wants to savory every bit of your childhood.


My 1st Bazaar Experience November 30, 2012

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Last November 24&25, 2012, I participated as a vendor in my 1st bazaar as Pink Lemon. We sold girls’ dresses and children’s toys. And I had a blast!


I chose the Mommy Mundo event to launch my clothes because it has always been one of my favorite bazaars to attend every year. They always have the trending products for moms and kids. And I find the venue, Rockwell Tent, convenient, well lit and safe.


We aren’t professional bazaaristas as others were, they were equipped with stands, shelves, lights, tents and even white picket fences! We just brought ourselves, our stocks, some display mannequins and clothes racks.




And since it’s almost Christmas, I’m counting things I’m thankful for.

–         I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve made since I have become a mom. People who only used to be people I buy from who eventually became friends. People who I only used to read about or chat with online became real people who I not only know of, but people that I actually know and know my name!

–         I’m thankful for my supportive staff, they became extensions of my person. They have become essential for me to accomplish my goals.

–         And to top it all, I’m thankful for my family. The thing that touched me most through this whole experience is how supportive my husband is.

Before the bazaar started, I called my hubby and told him:

“If I don’t sell much don’t be mad, okay?”


And he responded,

“You do that coz you like it and it makes you happy, if you turn a profit then great! If you don’t then that’s okay too coz I know you had fun, go around shop for things you like, chat with friends, then after that come home, at least you had time to do what you like, and tried it, that’s what matters, you did what you want to do.”


Nothing can be better than that. What a great year, I have much to be thankful for.


Dengue Cure Made By An Angel September 24, 2012

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I wrote this as an ode to someone who helped me when I had dengue. He requested me not to divulge his name so I’ll just refer to him as Angel.


My family has been touched by dengue twice, first me, and my brother in law second. And that for me is twice too many.

I had dengue when I was pregnant. It was my 1st trimester so the risk was high. I remember being sick and weak for a week. We didn’t even know it was dengue at first. We thought I just had the flu. I stayed home, bed ridden, had no appetite and was crazy dizzy all the time. I was prescribed antibiotics by my OB, who assured me that it was safe for the baby. But after I finished the round of antibiotics, I was still sick. My fever was on and off. And I was still really weak which I normally wasn’t, even when I was pregnant. My OB decided it’s time to take a blood test. I even asked if I can do it in the morning, but my OB said she would be more comfortable if I had it immediately, in the middle of the night. So my husband rushed me to the hospital and the tests were done.


Then the result came. My platelets has drop to 70,000. Normal platelet range is 150,000 – 400,000/cubic mm. I was confined immediately. The next day, it dropped to 40,000. My husband had a worried look in his face all the time but tried to hide it. I only wanted to eat banana. My OB was worried. My good friend Winnielyn was checking on me all the time. She was even bringing food to the hospital for my brother and husband. (how thoughtful!)  my OB called in another doctor the help, a dengue specialist. We talked about my case, he said he wants to be very careful coz I’m pregnant, but there is no need to panic coz I’m not bleeding anywhere. He also told me that he is not planning blood transfusion yet coz he thinks I don’t need it. There are some docs who would consider it when reaching a certain level, but I’m glad he is more open minded. He is more concerned with the negative effect blood transfusion would have on my baby.

I hated needles! They were drawing my blood 2 times a day. My arms were black and blue from all the needle pricks. They ran out of veins to draw blood on so they started drawing from the back of my hand. The only good thing that came from having my blood drawn so many times I lost my fear of them! Well…. almost…haha! I was hooked to an IV with meds but my platelet was still dropping. My platelet record low was 27,000. They were all getting worried. I was worried more for my baby.

Then a CURE came.


I think what saved me; aside from my doctors, science and prayers was a SOUP COOKED BY AN ANGEL. A friend of a friend. He cooked soup for me. And I didn’t even get to meet the person. We just communicated via cell phone. My friend gave my husband the cell number to call. He was asked questions like when I started having fever, what was my platelet count and was scolded a little when the Angel found out I was pregnant saying “Why did you just contact me now!?” He was given the instruction to have someone bring a thermos immediately to an address and get the soup, and have me drink all of it.

The soup was like a broth. Whitish in color. It wasn’t tawa-tawa as some thought. I later found out that Angel cooks the soup for dengue patients —anyone who calls, anytime, free of charge.

Normally one doze of the soup is enough to make the patient better. Some require 2 dozes. I drank it twice. The taste is not unpleasant, but it’s bland. And when you’re sick, it’s harder to swallow.


He does this as an act of charity. After some prying, Angel told me that they are not that rich, that a lot of times he has to buy the ingredients even when he is short on money coz he can’t find the heart to deny moms crying over the phone asking for help to save their kids. He finds ways to always have a batch in his freezer should anyone calls in the middle of the night. He told me if he sold the medicine he would surely be rich by now since he has been cooking the soup for 8 years. But he chooses not to, to give thanks to the person who taught him the recipe — because at one time, he was that parent, the worried one, when his eldest had dengue. And someone’s granddaughter called him up to tell him what to do, how to cook the soup, but the creepy side of the story is the grandma who gave the instructions has already passed away. He followed the instruction, fed his son the soup and his boy got well. At first he only gave it to family and close friends. Then word spread like wildfire and people he from all walks of life started calling him asking for the soup. And he made it for all of them, saving someone’s child, sibling or parent one doze at a time.


One story that he told me he can’t forget was about a mom of 2 daughters, both had dengue at the same time. The mom called him up asking for the soup and he obliged. Sadly the doctor didn’t want the mom to give the soup to her daughters. So she just kept the soup in the ref. Her eldest died. She then took the soup and gave it to her younger daughter. And she got well. Though grieving for the loss of a daughter, the mom was thankful her other daughter survived.


One time, he even gave his soup to the daughter of DOST Secretary Mario Montejo. That was the only time he gave someone 3 dozes of the soup. And Sec. Montejo thanked him by treating Angel’s whole family to Subic Tree Top which the Secretary owns.

I also learned by some more prying that some patients who got well insisted on making donations to sponsor future patients. The soup that was given to my brother in law was given by the patient before us who also requested to be kept anonymous. And the chain of anonymity is kept Angel never ever told us this when he gave the soup for me when I was pregnant. We asked how can we help but he just tells us to get well. Once he knows that you’re platelet is up and are going to be discharged from the hospital, he just disappears. He doesn’t text or call just make you feel that you owe him or anything. His mission with you is done.


Before I wrote this article, I asked Angel permission to do so, coz I wanted to thank him in some way. He actually hesitated. He told me: “People don’t have to know what I do to help others. But I can’t stop making the soup coz for a parents to watch their kids die because of a miniscule insect bite is too painful to swallow ” But upon hearing these stories, I encouraged him to let me write this. I told him, it’s just a personal blog. The people I reach are just limited and this story is too beautiful not to share. Up to this day he still remains anonymous to the general public. No publicity stunt, no news has reached him. And he prefers it that way. He likes helping anonymously. He says it might just be the secret to his cure. The benevolence of it, maybe it is.


Fun Family Picnic Photo Shoot August 28, 2012

Since I have been MIA for quite a while, what better way to revive this blog by posting about our latest super fun family photo shoot!



This shoot was the brainchild of Ricky Marzan. He was the one who came up with the outdoor picnic shoot. Manuel Chua came up with the peg for the setup and the props. I came with a car load of props haha! We were aiming for a vintage – shabby chic kind of look. And I think we achieved that! Yay!


Throughout the planning stage we couldn’t decide whether to do it in the early morning or in the late afternoon. Early morning would mean sleepy kids and rushing to prepare the props to get things ready for a shoot that shouldn’t run too long to avoid the heat of the noontime sun. Since it was also raining sporadically during the week, they had to check the weather forecast for that day. Since it said it was less likely to rain in the afternoon, we scheduled the shoot in the afternoon.



Some of the stuff I had to get from the mall coz a few weeks back I spotted the coolest trunks. But the rest of the stuff we had     been either brought by us or our friends from our homes. The vintage lamps are actually the lamps in my daughter’s room. The fabrics that we used were of course from out store ERC Textile Boutique (shameless plug!) The paper lanterns were the ones we used during my daughter’s 1st birthday. (Will blog about that soon!) The native stuff like baskets was from Divisoria. I am, after all Divisoia Mama! We really have everything at arm’s reach here! The popcorn maker, vintage bike and super cute parasol were brought by the Chua’s. The Marzan’s brought the colorful food.



We are a group of friends; the photographers are the real rock stars. Our photographer friends, Manuel Chua, Ricky Marzan and Denison Tan are the guys who did Rori’s 1st photo shoot. And like a cool concert, we also had guest artists — photogpraphers Marc Frederick Ching and Carlson Ngo.

I am a shopper. What better way to fuel my shopping urges than to shop for a conceptualized shoot? My friends, Cora Chua and Cymbelly Marzan are the most supportive and fun friends to hang out with, laugh out loud with while preparing for the shoot. And of course the star of the shoot! The kids! We all pitched in haha! We have the most wonderful kids! No one cried or misbehaved. They just kept on smiling and eating! My daughter Rori is really NOT camera shy. So whenever Denison would shout in his megaphone-like voice for “RROORRRIII!!!” she would strike a pose and smile her heart out or — as shown in the picture below – show her toothy grin.


Limchu Family


Marzan Family


Chua Family


This is what what they looked like when they weren’t eating yet. SAD!


They were more lively when we told them they can start eating!


…. and eating!


… and more eating!


See Rori sticking her tongue out?


This was Rori munching on popcorn knowing mom can’t stop her coz’ her picture was being taken!


These are what good memories are made of. Good friends having a good time, with good food and having keepsakes of the times we had so much fun.

We are planning to make more shoots in the future, so watch out for more!

*want a photo shoot for your family? please text us via 09173250315. we’d love to capture your smiles soon!


Moving and Planning a First Birthday Party May 28, 2012

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After having a baby, I was thrown off track with all the things I had to fix and do. But now I’m glad that slowly I have found my routine and am finally getting my Groove back! I’m finally starting to do the things that used to make me happy… Motherhood is wonderful in all its glory, and I’m never going to be the same but sometimes I have to do things that I enjoy, for my own happiness and sanity.

One of the things I enjoy is preparing for an something. I do the whole enchilada of it — from notes to pictures to comparisons and shopping on a budget. Glad to have not 1 but 2 projects to work on…

The first is we are moving. Finally after a few years of living in Malabon, we have found a place that we can transfer to that is near work and suits us. Malabon has its own charm but the time that I spend away from my baby has to be really worth it – and the travel time I spend every day going to and fro to Malabon, for me, isn’t one of them. It worked great for us when we didn’t have  a baby yet coz we love our time in the car, it’s one of our bonding moments when we can chat and talk about our day, but now, things have changed…

The second event is my baby is turning 1 on Aug. 11, 2012. I was informed that the event can only be held on or before and not after the birth day itself. So the christening and birthday celebration will be on Aug 5, 2012. I’m having tons of fun planning for it!

And when Rori and I lay down at night as she breastfeeds, I thank God for all the blessings. I thank God that I have a family, that I can work, and that I have these things that I can do that make me happy.


Divisoria Mama Revived! April 29, 2012

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When I was pregnant, I read a blog of a new mom who “neglected” her blog coz she had a baby. Since i just started blogging and I was doing it quite often then, I was thinking — “how can she start the commitment and not follow thru?” (sorry I was quite naive then — now I have my foot stuck in my mouth!) 

Fastforward a couple of months, lo and behold I held my 1st baby in my arms and ALAS! I did the same thing that blogger did! I didnt blog for a CENTURY in blog time! hahaha… Sorry dear blogger, now I know…

Anyways, here is my angel…


She’s bigger now this is an old photo.

She’s my world… my life… my love… she’s everything to me…

And I’m back with a vengeance! Hopefully I can do this consistently again and feed my need to share my thoughts… Take care my friends!